Partnering with FMI !!!



The Loss Prevention Academy is pleased to announce a partnership with the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) to offer our online courses to their members at a discounted rate.  This partnership will allow FMI to offer 5 online courses to their members that will assist and guide them in reducing their inventory, cash and safety losses.

"Through this partnership with the Loss Prevention Academy, FMI members have access to valuable online educational tools for a variety of loss prevention, store operations and distribution center employees in the areas of shortage control, shrink and safety" Rhett Asher, Vice President of Asset Protection, Data Security & Crisis Management for FMI.
The Loss Prevention Academy offers it’s courses online via their site,  All courses were developed by a professional instructional designer in partnership with industry experts. Each course is voiced over, interactive and offering a certificate of completion when the final exam is passed.
We are very pleased to have this partnership with FMI.
Loss Prevention Academy updates…

Loss Prevention Academy updates….

First off, thank you to the over 52,000 people that have stopped by and visited our blog.  We appreciate the support.

So what is new with the Loss Prevention Academy???

We have expanded our partnerships that represent our courses past Canada and into the UK, along with 3 in the United States. We are pleased to partner with various training sites to expand our reach into the Retail World.

Russia…Yep, we are in discussions with a LP group in Russia to represent the training there as well.  Language challenges are on the table however, many individuals speak English in Russia. We are pleased with these conversations.

WZ Investigative Interviewing for Law Enforcement.  With the WZ group, we are building a new site and expanding with online training for Law Enforcement.  It might come as a surprise to you that many individuals in LE have never been trained on how to interview and or interrogate someone.  We are working hard to make this happen and will update everyone soon.

We had hoped to make a formal announcement earlier however, schedules and contract terms can get in the way.  Hopefully in the near future we will be announcing another partnership with a large organization that is in the grocery industry.  Stay tuned.

The online, WZ Investigative Interviewing course is quickly gaining acceptance by many large retailers.  Being affordable allows the company to take their WZ training down a level to those that might not have been approved to attend a live seminar. 

Posters…Posters…Posters…Awareness posters are still a very affordable way to increase awareness on a specific topic.  We have 33 posters on our site,  We can start with one of those and modify as needed or start from scratch.

Lastly, we still think single job boards are doomed in the future.  Why complete a search and then jump to the next board?  At you can complete one search and see results at all boards out there.  Oh, and it is free.

That is it…reach out if you have any questions.


LPDT, LLC offers the only E-Learning training for Retail Loss Prevention at Check out our awareness posters for shortage and safety at You can follow us on Twitter under LPACADEMYcom and Facebook under Loss Prevention Academy.
Expanding WZ Online Training Course for Law Enforcement

First off, thank you for the over 51,000 visits to our blog.  We appreciate you stopping by and reading some of our articles.  As always, we encourage differences in opinion and support diversity of views.

Approximately one year ago we went live with a 10 hour course called WZ Investigative Interviewing in partnership with the Wicklander-Zulawski (WZ) group.  The course has been a huge success with individuals in the US and outside our Country to select companies. Our “farthest” individual taking the course lives in Russia.

With the acceptance of this course, we have decided to expand our offerings and tailor a course for Law Enforcement (LE).  Variety of cases along with specific issues facing them require a course slightly modified for their work.  We are currently working on the new course and designing a new site to offer the course and other online tools by WZ. Stay tuned for more information on this addition.

E-Learning is a relatively new concept and is quickly being accepted around the world. Moving training/education to the internet allows you to offer quality courses anywhere there is an internet connection and a computer.

The Loss Prevention Academy has 5 courses live, including the WZ course.  Please stop by our site to see their course details.


LPDT, LLC offers the only E-Learning training for Retail Loss Prevention at In addition,we offer a FREE job and resume posting board for Loss Prevention at Check out our awareness posters for shortage and safety at You can follow us on Twitter under LPACADEMYcom and Facebook under Loss Prevention Academy.